Coach Cheryl to be honored November 15th.


Cheryl Pryts Recognized First Tee Coach


Cheryl Pryts    I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education from SRU, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Guidance and Counseling from Edinboro U. and am certified for Classroom Instruction from Westminster College.  I have been with The First Tee of Sharon as part of the staff/coach since 1999 to the present. Through attending many coaches’ trainings, I was made a Recognized Coach in 2010 from The First Tee.   I started the Mentoring program for our chapter around 2006 and was selected to coach at The First Tee Life Skill Academy in Minnesota in 2016.  I have been a member of The First Tee of Sharon Advisory Board from 1999 to the present.


CONGRATULATIONS AUNT CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!  You deserve all the credit for helping grow the game of golf, your fun energetic way of teaching, and for creating a phenomenal program for kids.  I’m so proud of you and your dedication to The First Tee of Sharon!!  Such great memories teaching there with you!  Congrats and I wish I could be there on the 15th to celebrate.  Take care!!


Jim Fammartino



We would like to extend our CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl as she is honored for her work on behalf of our community!  As new friends, we applaud her successes and celebrate the friendships she has made over the years!  All Our Love,
Ted and Laura
Congratulations to one of the hardest working women we know! The First Tee program has been blessed to have your dedication and guidance for 18 years. We are honored to be able to celebrate that with you and your First Tee family. We wish you lots of love and luck (since you’re a gambling fan) for the next chapter in your life. Take some time for yourself to celebrate YOU because you deserve it!
Love, Steve, Monica, Gavin and Cheddar

Congratulations, Cheryl.  How lucky we are here in the Shenango Valley to benefit from your selfless dedication to the First Tee.  With your nurturing, children have learned more than how to play 18 holes.  They have learned how to succeed in this game called life.  It takes a village to raise a child.  Thank you for being a part of our village.

I am so proud to call you Friend,
Tracy Schliep
 Here is my Cheryl / First Tee story.  Must have been the first summer we were here.  Lily was an 8th grader.  I signed her up for First Tee because I wanted to learn to golf.  Lily thought it sounded ok.  We show up the first day, and out she goes. She chips one out of the sand and into the hole.  That was some lesson!!
But seriously, Cheryl’s commitment to service is an example to us all.  Our community is better for having Cheryl in it.
Jane Trambley


Confucius say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work
a day in your life.”  Congratulations, Coach Cheryl, on all those summers
off!  (And on a job well done!)
Best wishes always!  Vicki & Robert
The First Tee of Sharon was one of the Charter 1st Tees in the country. Cheryl Pryts was able to take an introductory program in a small city , Sharon Pa, and helped make it one of the true success stories of The First Tee.  Cheryl’s hard work and determination still remains a success story today after 18 years. The Sharon area should be proud of Cheryl being able to bring this National Program to fruition as many of the largest cities in the country have also achieved. Thank you Cheryl and enjoy your well deserved recognition.
Keith Fammartino
Not many can claim to have had Cheryl Pryts as their Kindergarten gym teacher, golf coach, and spiritual advisor; I have known Cheryl Pryts since I was 5 years old. As a bishop I now have, as one of my closest advisors, someone who remembers that I was once an uncoordinated kid who could not master duck duck goose.  Over her years as a coach and mentor, Cheryl has touched many lives with her considerable skill, rapier wit, thoughtful insight, and infectious laughter.  She has been a mentor and friend to me at nearly every stage of my life, and I can only imagine the ways in which she has made The First Tee of Sharon a tremendous experience for participants and coworkers alike. Congratulations, Cheryl.  God bless you.
Sean Rowe, Bishop of Dionwpa

Behind every great chapter is a great coach that connects with the community and its young people at every level.  There are few within The First Tee Network that have done so with as much commitment and conviction as Cheryl over her many years with The First Tee of Sharon.  Recognized with one of the highest achievements within The First Tee Coach Program, Cheyl’s commitment has inspired thousands of young people to become better friends, sons, daughters, citizens, and even golfers.  Her contributions to these young people can be seen from Buhl Farm Park to Pebble Beach, and everywhere between.  Cheryl – On behalf of The First Tee home office, we thank you for your support and dedication to the program, and congratulate you on your retirement.   

Ben Grandy, PGA | Director, Northeast Region Affairs | The First Tee


Dear Cheryl,

I am delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate you on your upcoming retirement.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for your 18 years of continued service with The First Tee of Sharon. Over the years your commitment and dedication to The First Tee mission has been witnessed firsthand by so many, especially the thousands of children’s lives you have touched.

You have had such a positive impact on so many young people. Helping them to improve much more than just their golf skills. You have assisted them in learning the importance of interpersonal, self-management and goal-setting skills and being resilient in the face of major obstacles.

You have served as a positive role model for the many skills, values and healthy habits you have shared with the young people. During your tenure as a The First Tee Recognized Coach, you have served as a mentor for many participants. The youth knew you cared about them by building supportive relationships based on empathy, high positive expectations and advocacy. You embodied the motto “Children don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Thank you so much for playing such an important role in assisting the young people to develop character, reach their potential and become valuable assets in their communities.

May you enjoy your retirement and still make a positive impact within your community.

Best wishes,

Judy Stout, Managing Director, Program Evaluation and Delivery | The First Tee


Congratulations Cheryl on your 18 yrs as Coach of The First Tee of Sharon. Your time and dedication to the kids and the program has been so much appreciated and will forever be remembered. You’ve been there from Day 1 and your blueprints are everywhere!!

Having been to Buhl Farm and seeing the project, I’ve been so impressed with the facility and the program. Also having played with one of your students at the The First Tee Open, Billy Corbett, I got to see firsthand the quality of individual your program is producing.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

All the best

John Cook

Always willing to help.


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